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Judy Bass is an attorney whose practice is dedicated to addressing the needs of clients in the creative community throughout the United States. She concentrates on intellectual property matters and on rights licensing for a variety of companies and individuals in the media and entertainment industries. She has a special focus on emerging artists as well as seasoned professionals looking for both knowledgeable representation and business savvy.

Judy Bass works with production companies, independent producers, directors and others in structuring, negotiating and drafting a wide range of development, production, distribution, sales, syndication, and licensing deals on a domestic and international basis. Her expertise includes all forms of television, documentary and other film projects, digital media, home entertainment, theater, and music. She also represents talent in reality show and other deals.

Judy Bass also serves magazine and book publishers and writers and other members of the literary community in negotiating authorsí agreements, subsidiary rights deals, movie options, co-publishing arrangements, and e-book, app and other digital media deals. She represents photographers and artists as well. She has extensive experience vetting manuscripts and other literary works pre-publication and in advising on copyright questions.

Judy Bass handles many kinds of licensing and merchandising deals including books, cookbooks, calendars, video games, computer software, clothing, toys, dolls and soundtrack licenses as well as fashion and branding. She also assists with advertising and promotional matters.

As a solo practitioner with both big firm and in-house experience in premier media and entertainment companies, Judy provides timely, practical and cost-effective services and advice to all her clients. An article about her practice entitled "Adding a Personal Touch for Less: Media Dealmaker Thrives Outside the Corporate World" appeared in the February 26, 2007 issue of Crainís New York Business.

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