The Law Offices of Judith B. Bass provides business and legal affairs counseling in a wide variety of areas including the following:

Television, Film and Digital Media

The firm works with production companies, independent producers, distributors and others in structuring, negotiating and drafting a wide range of development, production, distribution, sales, syndication, and licensing deals on a domestic and international basis. These transactions span all forms of television, documentary and independent film projects, digital media, animation, and other forms of entertainment. We also represent producers and production companies for unscripted as well as scripted projects. We have special experience in children’s animation programming for various platforms.

Creative Artists and Talent

We counsel a wide range of creative artists including directors, screenwriters, dramatists, actors, musicians and other performers and talent for reality and scripted television projects, agent and manager representation agreements, development deals, option and life story agreements, branding opportunities and commercial endorsements, performing artist agreements and the like. We also work with creators and others on various multi-platform projects for traditional and new media.

Publishing, E-Publishing and Podcasts

The firm has extensive experience in working with book and magazine publishers, writers, authors, journalists and other members of the literary community in negotiating authors’ agreements, movie options, co-publishing arrangements, collaboration agreements, subsidiary rights deals and e-book, app, self-publishing and other digital media deals. We have particular expertise with young adult and children’s publishing and option deals. We work with podcast producers and website developers in exploiting and distributing their content. We also represent photographers and visual artists. We are able to assist with vetting manuscripts and other literary works pre-publication, investigative journalism matters and in advising on copyright questions as well.

Merchandise Licensing, Advertising and Promotion.

We have expertise in handling many kinds of licensing and merchandising deals for products including books, cookbooks, calendars, video games, computer software, clothing, toys, dolls, soundtrack and other trademark licenses as well as fashion and branding. We also provide counsel on advertising and promotional matters.